The BVWW Yellowpages

The BVWW Yellow Pages offer you a possibility to search directly for companies and partners from the maritime business.
With the search form you can perform searches for the following criteria:

  • Product Groups

If you're interested in special products or services, you can use up to three detail levels to specify the product group that you're looking for. You can find a structured overview of all product groups Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fensterhere. All product groups in alphabetical order are listed Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fensterhere.

  • Manufacturer, Dealer, Importer, Service

Here you can choose what kind of company or partner you want to list. Just set the mark for the type(s) of company you want to search for.

  • Company, Postal Code, City

If you are looking for a certain company, enter your search words in the "Company" field (partial company names possible). The field "Postal Code" can contain a range of postal codes (e.g. "5" for all codes starting with a "5") and in the "City" field you can enter the name of a town.

All search criteria can be combined.

By clicking on "Start Search" you get a list of all companies matching your search criteria.

Suche im BVWW-Branchenbuch nach Auswahlkriterien

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